Green N’ Growing Indeed

IMG_0740During my work weekend, I went ahead and invested in my raised garden bed. One of the things that irk me about some DIY videos is lack of pricing. I really wish we could get over this whole “We don’t talk about money or cost” and are honest with one another about how much money you may be investing in a project. Obviously, prices vary from box store to small nursery, but it would be nice for folks to just show off how much they initially spent.

Regardless, we went ahead and purchased the wood $60, soil $60, and transplants $40. I at first felt that blow to the stomach at spending so much money initially. Still, seeing my comfrey and pepper plant sway in the humid breeze is nice. I had to replace all my decimated plants (thanks for that, rabbits) and started some new seeds right away. Hopefully, they grow quickly in my new mixture of compost, manure, and pre-mixed garden soil.

BeFunky Collage

Our nursery of choice today was Green and Growing, located in Pflugerville, Texas. They are a small nursery with the entrance loaded with all sorts of flowering plants and steel T-rexes. That’s right, this nursery sells metal statues ranging from hanging flamingoes to roaring dinos peeking out from behind the lavender bush. We paid a visit to their vegetable garden and I was so delighted to see tomatoes ripening on the vine. IMG_0733My husband enjoyed the shadier spots while I took pictures. I was also pleasantly surprised by the price of the comfrey plants:  $2.50 per plant at this current time. I hope to use these plants to help continue to enrich my soil. The employee that I spoke with was very kind and honest with me regarding their mixed soils. She further was kind enough to explain the lack of worms to purchase: it’s too hot to ship them! Ooooh, Texas! Your summers are just HEAVEN to deal with.

As we were about to leave, my husband discovered their organic pest control shelf and began to list out all we would buy on or next trip. The sugar ants have started to seek a cooler home and we just cannot allow that, now can we?

IMG_0725If you’re in the area and want to peruse through a beautiful nursery bursting with beautiful flowers, a succulent greenhouse ripe with all the colors of the rainbows, and fairly priced organic seed, check out Green and Growing. We recommend their bulk prices on the transplants! When they have them in, that is!

As always, be kind and tender to one another.

For more information regarding the Green N’ Growing, visit their website!

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