Homestead Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is tomorrow folks! I’m sure many of you have already made your plans to celebrate your awesome dads, but some might be looking for some last minute gifts. We’ll be working this weekend, so my dad got his bottle of tequila a bit early. For those who are not going to be giving alcohol, here are 5 gifts to consider to buy your Homesteading Dad.

9-sidekickLeatherman Sidekick Multitool: Need a tool that’s easy to pocket, easy to flip open, and easy on your hands? Try out the Leatherman Sidekick Multitool. Leatherman is a brand the Chicken Ninja Justin Rhodes uses every day on his farm and he insists it’s pretty darn good. The Sidekick is unique in that the blade is super easy to dispatch with one hand and the round handles make gripping it much kinder on your hands. It’s made of stainless steel and resistant to rust as well.

OrvilleToolRoll2_1024x1024Sturdy Brother’s Orville Waxed Canvas Tool Roll: Made from tanned canvas and leather, this tool roll has twelve pockets to hold your items and easy to roll up. The canvas and leather are quite sturdy and can take a beating. The wax coating keeps the material soft and supple, as well as give it basic protection against the rain. Sturdy Brother’s is a highly recommended company that creates great, sturdy leather products that are worth their price. Justin Rhodes got his apron from this same company, but my eyes are locked on this inexpensive tool roll.

a95b4d47b823b603c64984b6e415823eSony GTK-XB7 Bluetooth Speaker: One of the pricier items on this list, this Bluetooth speaker is big but has good sound quality. The speaker has Bluetooth and USB connecting capability, a great quality to have for the smartphone using Dad. You also don’t have to keep the stereo upright. You can actually lay it horizontally and not lose a single point of audio quality: the speaker is designed to have two tweeters that help keep the sound quality excellent. My mother bought my father this speaker and he just loves it. Last night he blasted so much norteno music, I felt I was back in Mexico.

chm-000a-bl-050The Original Muck Boot Company Chore Mid Boot: This is the same Muck Company my Tio Paz uses when working on his 5-acre property. His boots have slogged through mud, cow manure, rocky terrain and murky puddles. These boots are sturdy and popular with trappers that hike miles to collect their catch. The inside is lined and keeps your feet warm during the winter, plus waterproof for those rainy seasons. Tio Paz doesn’t like the sensation of the high boots on his calves, so he prefers the mid cut. But these boots come in High Cut as well. The company also sells children’s and ladies boots!

ads5255_csw_rlMoleskine Ruled Pocket Notebook: I am a big believer in carrying a notebook. I have several cheap ones that have already had their spines bent and pages destroyed. I switched to a Moleskine notebook and am never turning back. These notebooks come in all ranges of colors and sizes. The cover is a sturdy cardboard wrapped with oil skin, making at least the outside semi-water proof. No moles were harmed in the making of this product, so it’s vegan-friendly too! I use the Pocket notebook to calculate feed costs and other projects I’m considering. Can’t say enough about how great it is.

You can order these items online easily from major online retailers. If you’re a stickler about the date, overnight shipping is available for some of these products. I want to thank all the Father’s out there for their endless hard work in caring for their families. Thank you for your love, support, and strength. As always, be kind and tender to one another.

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Image credit goes to Moleskine, The Sturdy Brother’s, The Sony Corporation of America, The Original Muck Boot Company, and The Leatherman Tool Group Inc.


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