Staying Motivated (Even if it Sucks)

It’s my Wednesday, your Tuesday folks. Today I wanted to focus on motivation. I am the least motivated person I know. I remember a time in college where I was a full-time student and worked part-time. I hardly slept, overindulged in energy drinks, and almost ate myself into comas due to stressful finals. giphyI was so done with school that I made sure to turn in all my final assignments and tests a week in advance. This would give me the opportunity to skip attending finals week and start my summer vacation early. I slept a lot during those last days.

I graduated a while ago and lost my original go-getting, semi-suicidal motivation. Nowadays, I struggle to even get out of bed in the morning. Just today I burst into tears thinking about going to my job. I understand the importance of maintaining employment and how money is the only way to fund my projects but working still sucks. I’ll admit that and I’m not sorry for it: working sucks, but is essential. So, what do I do to stay motivated and get up in the morning? I mostly launch Youtube and watch homestead vloggers chat about their lives. Seeing their animals munching on pasture, their children frolic in the meadows and hearing these men and women croon over their homesteads; all this reminds me that I have to work hard in order to be as successful as them.


lumnah cornish cross
Al Lumnah reaching into his chicken plucker to remove his just-plucked Cornish Cross.
The reason Lumnah Acres got to butcher their Cornish Cross was that Al and his family got up in the morning and took care of those chickens EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sure, his methods are simple and maybe he doesn’t have to do too much, but Al still has to feed them; still has to spend some time ensuring they’re okay. Justin Rhodes would not be on the Great American Farm Tour if he had told his wife, “We’ll do it later.” I mean, come on. If I’m going to actually work with my local nursery to sell rabbit manure, I have to get up and make sure my rabbits are fed and producing waste. No rabbits, no manure, no extra money to spend. There’s no avoiding it, I have to work. Such a mindset doesn’t work for everyone. Heck, even I struggle. But I’m also kinda tired of feeling sorry for myself. I’m tired of feeling like trash for giving into my laziness.

american farm tour
The Great American Farm Tour bus on its way to an adventure!
The emotional shame that comes with “I’ll do it later” sucks more than just doing whatever chore.

For those who share in out struggles: We’re cheering for you. Please remember to treat your mind and body kindly. Don’t become too upset about your failures, but learn from them and continue through your day. I will agree that sometimes it sucks. But man, when you’re clutching your reward; you will have EARNED it. And as always, be kind and tender to one another.

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Screenshots come from Youtube videos which have been linked in this post. Featured image credit goes to Chris Waits.




2 comments on “Staying Motivated (Even if it Sucks)”
  1. Alcide Lumnah says:

    Great post! It’s not easy every day but the outcome is so worth it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. moorskiko says:

      Truth! Picked off my first serrano pepper this morning. So worth investing in the garden too! Hip hip hooray for salsa from my own garden!


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