Homesteading Memes

Alright, I’m just one of them young folks. I think I’ve said this before, I’m 23, about to turn 24 in July, but act like a woman-child. This means I relish reading memes, watching cartoons, and belting out Disney songs in the car. I’ve been browsing Imgur (yay insomnia) and after laughing at one heavily existential meme, wondered if there are any homesteading memes? The only comic I found hilariously funny in line with homesteading was the NSFW (due to language) rabbit comic I put in an earlier blog post.

So, enjoy this tiny gallery of memes I managed to scrape up. If you have any new ones, send them our way! We love dank memes.


  1. Is this you? You make be entitled to compensation…



2. King Hopper and Court



3. Ain’t that just the way…



4. Ask your milk the tough questions.



5. Kiss the cow for health.



6. And our absolute favorite .gif


Hope you got a laugh. As always, be kind and tender to one another.

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