Thundercats Throwback Thursday

giphy (1)*ahem*





…. Alrighty! Can you guess what we’re binging today?

Thundercats, yes! Alex and I were discussing what we wanted to watch on Hulu today. I asked him to share some “older” shows he used to watch as a kid. He responded with, “The Twilight Zone”. I thought I was about to bust a gut. This guy tells me Twilight Zone and I’m over here thinking, “The Animaniacs”. After sharing a good laugh, I then suggested watching Thundercats.

Thundercats 7For those who are not aware, Thundercats is an animated tv series broadcasted between 1985-1989. The series follows a small clan of cat-people hailing from the planet Thundera. These Thunderans, or Thundercats, evacuated their destroyed home planet and crash landed on the nearest planet as a desperate means of escape. The surviving Thundercats then built a fortress on the vacant land, fighting off the constant threat of the ancient evil Mumm-ra and other mutants heck bent on destroying the Thunderans. They are lead by Lion-O, bearer of the Sword of Omens and hope for the Thundercats’ future.

If you’ve read our post about animated movies, it’s obvious Alex and I love anime and cartoons. We don’t discriminate and love to discuss what we enjoyed or would have liked to have seen be depicted in the episode. giphy (3)Our favorite genres are fantasy and sci-fi. Thundercats fits right in with one of these categories. I especially love Lion-O’s roar whenever he wields his mighty sword. Alex and I were born after Thundercats broadcast in the late 80’s, but reruns played on Cartoon Network and Toonami all the time. I remember rushing home after school to watch Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo, and Thundercats!

The classics (to me)!

After Thundercats ended in 1989, it was rebooted, as to say. Thundercats (2011) is a completely different version of the Thundercats. The plot follows Prince Lion-O, who is forced into the role of King after the destruction of his city, Thundera. His father, slain by the evil Mumm-Ra, leaves behind the mighty Sword of Omens. King Lion-O is a young man with very little leadership experienced. thundercats 5As he travels to find the means to end Mumm-Ra and the mutants, Lion-O must learn how to be a great King to his surviving clan members. This version of the Thundercats is not drawn in the same 80’s style but is similar to Japanese/American animation. The characters seem younger, more inexperienced, and have lots of room to grow into their predecessors. Also, so far from what we have watched, Snarf doesn’t talk!

My favorite character is Lion-O, while Alex likes the sorcerer Jaga. I will admit that the Cleric group, compromised of the fastest Thundercats including Cheetara, are super impressive to watch in action. So far, Lion-O has fought and escaped the evil Mumm-Ra almost every episode (we’re on episode 8?) and I geeked out on Lion-O’s initial Thundercat roar. thundercats 8Even thought Snarf doesn’t talk, he’s still super cute and is a very good kitty lizard. Even though I want to see how the series ends — it only ran from 2011-2012 — Alex fell asleep. I switched back to watching Justin Rhodes and the rest of the Youtube homesteading bloggers.

Our garden is looking okay and the comfrey is growing faster than anything else. If anything, I might just sell comfrey along with my rabbit manure. My asparagus doesn’t seem to want to grow… So I might move on and just plant the Swiss Chard spouting in my trays. Ooooh, I might also buy some Uncle Jim’s Worms to throw into the garden and compost bin. I checked on the rabbits and so far so good. They’re bigger and I’m interested in getting just one more buck. He would be unaltered and separated from the sibling rabbits to ensure that:

  1. Our current altered buck doesn’t fight the new buck
  2. The new buck doesn’t breed our unaltered doe

Will have to talk to Alex about that, though… Tell us what cartoons or animation you watched as a kid! As always, be kind and tender to one another.

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Images are screenshots taken from Cartoon Network’s Official Youtube Channel videos, including the Featured Image.


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