July Garden Update

KIMG0021[1]We’re not just about gaming and anime. We watch 80’s movies as well. Joking aside, let’s take a look at how the garden has been going this summer. In Texas, the summers are terribly hot and in my area, we’re in a drought. This means that any veggies we wish to succeed in growing ideally should be heat-loving, sun-loving, and drought resistant. For those who choose to skirt the last quality, watering a thirsty garden is best done early in the morning or before sunset. This ensures that the water sits longer in the soil, the plants have a chance to drink up, and lessen the competition for water.

We installed a cattle panel fence and got rid of the broken plastic fencing we hand. Now the dog can’t dig into my garden. The picture above does not do the growth within any justice. Our cilantro is so green and happy. The comfrey is getting bigger and bigger every day. The onions and garlic have sprung up. Our experimental potatoes did not do well, nor did our asparagus. Lastly, the pepper plants will not be producing too much this summer. We didn’t get many pollinators in the area this year, which is just so upsetting. Not to me, but to the bees. I wonder if there just aren’t enough flowering plants in our area. KIMG0019[1]I’ll have to see if I can try and plant more flowering plants for the bees.

I’ve begun to collect rabbit manure and have about 2 pounds so far. Just 48 pounds to go for our first 50-lb bag to sell! No worries about the wait though. I’m filling up my time with crochet and baking. As I mentioned in my last post, these activities are therapeutic for me. Also, freshly baked bread is nice to have with a slather of raw honey. However, the flour I used was not that great. I will be switching to an all-purpose flour, hopefully, organic if I can find it at Costco. Now that I’m willing to learn the art of bread making, I’ll be able to purchase my items in bulk and save a few bucks by making our own bread.

KIMG0024[1]As always, be kind and tender to one another.

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