Gaming Spotlight: Witcher III Wild Hunt

This month we’re marathoning-gaming a great supernatural/fantasy video game: Witcher III Wild Hunt. Set during a horrific war between man, beast, monster, and magic, Witcher III not only scares the absolute bejeebus out of me but it a great game that will keep you entertained for hours on end.  Our protagonist, Geralt, is journeying through the land in search of a raven-haired woman who smells of lilac and gooseberries. witcher3-2In time, Geralt’s mission takes a darker turn as he learns his dear friend Cirilla is in danger. Traversing across monster-filled fields, Geralt must reach Cirilla before the Wild Hunt, a terrible band of badass horsemen, get to her first. The plot is pretty alright and we’re pushing through slowly but surely.

I personally enjoy 3rd person view RPGs. Witcher III has the player hover behind the character, allowing for an easy spotting of enemies sneaking up behind you. One of my biggest frustrations with first-person RPGs is the inability to look behind you. I end up forgetting that I have a severe blind spot and always get shot from behind. Alas, I am a n00b. Regardless, Geralt can utilize two weapons: a silver sword and a steel sword. Silver is used to kill monsters while steel is used to cut down humans. Being a witcher, Geralt is not all human and can utilize small bits of magic. Using rune signs, Geralt can cast fire, blast enemies using telekinesis, and set traps to slow enemies during battle. If that wasn’t enough, Geralt’s abilities can further be boosted with blade oils, potions, and mutagens.

Witcher-3-4This game is not for the faint of heart. The monsters are pretty grody and there are a few that have given me nightmares. I still shudder when redoing the Bloody Baron quests. These beasts, however, do not compare to the slimy lords that you must work with in order to get smidges of info regarding Ciri. Some have you go through what seems to be endless side quests just to tell you that Ciri stayed in their manor. In addition, you’ll have to solve puzzles and find your way through deadly dungeons in order to get better items or increase experience. The game challenges you to better your abilities, gather herbs and monster parts to make potions, and even craft magical armor. Even your horse can get an upgrade and increase your inventory space, plus increase your horse’s stamina. It’s all about being stronger than the upcoming monsters and men.

Next up: The Legend of Zelda! But only after defeating Ganon. As always, be kind and tender to one another.

All image credit goes to CD PROJEKT S. A


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