A Change in Direction

We can always hope that change is good… In the case of this blog, the change isn’t actually that big of a deal. When I first started this blog, I worried a lot about how I was going to try and wriggle my way into the already #treanding #homesteading life. However, I found myself slamming into a large wall of Youtubers and bloggers already well-established in the homesteading/vlogging game. These folks have at least 3 years ahead of me and their subscriber count shows it. They’ve also collaborated and covered so many topics that I doubt I’ll ever finish watching all these how-to videos. I’ve been lucky enough to reach out and establish light communication with some Youtubers but I still can’t seem to poke my head above their increasing popularity.

I decided to take a second and remind myself that no one, save myself, runs my blog. And it’s okay for me to be myself, maybe stray from the norm, and steer this blog wherever I want. That’s pretty cool to me and gives me confidence. So, I brainstormed with Alex. I listed the many things I liked, such as anime, video games, and gardening. I spoke about how I wanted to connect with people close to my age and maybe inspire other geeks to garden. I figured maybe utilizing elements from stuff that I watch and play. For example, I did a game spotlight for Witcher III. Maybe to continue, I could show off three plants in Witcher III that enhance magical abilities, but also the benefits of that plant in REAL life and where you can forage it.

I’m warming up to this idea and will be experimenting through the month. Keep an eye out and let me know what you think of the new content. As always, be kind and tender to one another.



2 comments on “A Change in Direction”
  1. Lorraine says:

    Well it’s bout time.. come on girl get your shit together so I can figure out how to get MINE together…😁

    You could also blog about gardening inside OTHER games.
    Here we are in beautiful bombed out celler , now you might just look around and go,” well there’s nothing here,” and just move on. But wait look again! Why that whole wall could support a huge colony of mushrooms! And all the blood and guts strewn over the wall? Fertiliser just don’t get more “organic” then that!


    1. moorskiko says:

      Haha! I will do my best! Thanks so much for your continued support!


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