3 Plants in Witcher III You Can Use IRL

There are some pretty cool, magical herbs and plants you can forage in Witcher III. Geralt, the main character, can use these herbs and plants to create all sorts of goodies: blade oils, potions, and other enhancements. Some ingredients, I realized, could be found in real life (IRL) and were even edible! Here are three plants you can forage in Witcher III  and IRL, as well as their beneficial properties and uses!

Hop Umbels // Hops

hop 4

In game:

This ingredient is readily available and used in alchemy. If you’re in desperate need to find this plant, Fast Travel back to White Orchard and do some searching. Geralt can use hop umbels to craft:

  • Superior grapeshot
  • Superior relict oil
  • Werewolf decoction

There is some other cool stuff you can make out of hop umbels but I’ll leave that up to you to discover.


Hop umbels come from hop plants and are usually used in the beer brewing process. While the word “umbel” sounds magical… It’s not so much. An umbel is “…a flower cluster in which stalks of nearly equal length spring from a common center and form a flat or curved surface…” according to the online dictionary. These bundles of hops are harvested and used not only in making beer but also act as livestock feed and the female flowers can be brewed to make a relaxing tonic. The sedative properties of female hop flowers are said to help ease anxiety.

There are dangers in taking hops medicinally. The sedative properties do not mix well with certain medications. Check with your health provider before ingesting hops, especially if you take anti-anxiety medication.


honeysuckle 4

In game:

This plant can also be used in alchemy and yeeesh! It has a huge list of items you can craft out of it. Here are just a few:

  • Ancient leshen decoction
  • Troll decoction
  • Superior elementa oil
  • Greater red mutagen

For mutagen buffs like me, honeysuckle is essential for crafting some greater varieties of mutagen and boost Geralt’s abilities. Check with the merchants for honeysuckle or areas with barren ground.


Honeysuckle is fun to eat! Don’t believe me? Here’s Joy, from Art and Bri, taking a honeysuckle apart to enjoy. Outside of being a sweet treat, honeysuckle is used in a variety of Chinese medicines. According to Annie’s Remedy, honeysuckle has been used as a means to fight inflammation and can cure common cold symptoms like fever. The flowers can be used in teas and ointments.

Take note, however, that only the flowers are used. The stem, leaves, and fruits are toxic.

Ribleaf // Ribwort Plantain

ribleaf 4

In game:

Ribleaf can be used in the Alchemy crafting screen to create a pretty impressive list of concoctions. It grows in abundance at Tomira’s, the herbalist, house. Make sure to collect all the other herbs growing in her medicine gardens such as wolfsbane, crow’s eye, and bloodmoss. Tomira herself also sells some herbs not necessarily found in her gardens, so pay her a visit and see what she has in stock.


Also known as lamb’s tongue or just plantain, this narrow leafed plant grows in a thick bunch usually on lawns. The leaves are edible raw and can also be fed to livestock. Last spring I collected bunches of narrow leafed plantain (another alternative name) and fed it to my rabbits as treats. They loved them! Medicinally, the leaves can also be boiled to treat diarrhea.

Check Wilderness Arena’s post to see their recommended dosage regarding this tea.

Make sure to check with your doctor, especially if you’re on medication, before ingesting some of these plants. Be sure to identify them 100% as well. Some plants can look similar to others but be toxic! As always, be kind and tender to one another.


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