Lodge Cast Iron Review


I am not being paid to review this product by Lodge Cast Iron or its affiliates. This is my honest review.

We paid some bills off and Alex surprised me by purchasing a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet from Walmart. I’ve been whining about wanting to replace my gross Teflon pans with a cast iron skillet for a while. Alex and I both agree that Teflon, especially when it begins to peel and flake during cooking, is not the best products for us to use.joseph lodgeCast iron has been hailed in my group of friends as one of the best materials to cook with. For those who may not be aware, cast iron cookware is praised for its heat retention properties and can be made with low levels of technology.

Here’s a little about Lodge: founded in 1896 under the original name The Blacklock Foundry, Joseph Lodge (depicited left) made one heck of a success casting iron in the town of South Pittsburg, Tennesse. After losing the original business to a fire, the now renamed Lodge Manufacturing Company easily settled back into its success and pushed through the Depression, two wars, and continues to thrive to this day. Lodge is American made and one of the most popular cast iron brands in the United States.

We bought the 9 in skillet and as expected, it was a bit heavy. I gave it a quick wipe as soon as I got through the door, threw it on the stove and prepped to fry up onion rings. The skillet heated up evenly and the onion rings were a nice golden brown; no burnt or raw spots to be seen, which is very different from the old pans. giphy-downsizedAfter cooking the onions, I threw in some seasoned, organic chicken legs and put the skillet in the oven. As expected, this versatile pan baked the chicken evenly and to my delight, it was also moist and tender to eat! I don’t think I could achieve this using my old cooking equipment.

Lodge Cast Iron works so well on the electric stove. If your stove is like mine and heats up oddly, cast iron could help distribute the heat evenly across its surface better than stainless steel or aluminum. If you want a skillet that is versatile, Lodge’s skillet can easily switch between the stovetop and the oven. Outside of the food tasting good, it can’t stick to the pan because of the pre-seasoned cast iron. My one complaint actually involves the seasoning process. I’m super lazy and don’t enjoy the idea of cleaning cast iron without soap and coating the metal with oil to keep it seasoned. According to Lodge’s Care Guide, avoiding strong detergents is a must to upkeep the cast iron’s seasoning. Further, you do have to coat the pan lightly with oil to maintain the seasoning on the metal. lodge-cast-iron-skillet-10-oIt’s a dumb complaint and doesn’t really detract from Lodge’s awesomeness.

Cast iron works so well that maintaining is hardly a problem. I scrubbed my cast iron for food bits, dried it, and seasoned per the instructions. It’s sitting out now because I will be making eggs tomorrow and I’m excited to see how that goes! I hope you got to learn a little about how Lodge’s product is currently working for me. If you’re interested in cast iron, do your research! Sometimes a product may not be worth its price if it doesn’t fit your life style. Check different skillets out and see what works.

As always, be kind and tender to one another.

All image credit goes to Lodge Cast Iron. Check out their website for more products!




2 comments on “Lodge Cast Iron Review”
  1. Lorraine says:

    Now that you have the love if cast iron , go take back the Dutch oven one I sent over to your house, it needs a long hard scub and reseasoning buttut is a thing of beauty. For roasting.

    You can also use that skillet to make cake that is outta this world.

    It also works as a security device ,..that size flies wonderfully.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. moorskiko says:

      Oh yes, I shall! Thanks!


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