Homesteaders of the Month: The Texas Boys

Hey hey, are you liking these features? Don’t you worry, I’ll keep them coming as long as I can… Okay, well, until the end of the year… Anyway! I’ve got another fantastic interview to share with you. Adored by Youtube fans and one very elegant mother, Homesteaders for the month of August are none other than The Texas Boys! goat 1I managed to get in contact with these rad bros and you guys! I am so tickled to be able to learn from young men who are not only younger than me but have grown up in a very different lifestyle.

Example? I was raised in a city and act like a city girl. These kids? They milk goats, feed rabbits, try out guns under the watchful eye of a very loving father, were raised in the country and seem to be pretty gosh darn proud of it. The Texas Boys also film their own videos with little parental help. How cool is that? When I was their age, I was playing Pokemon and trying to be the very best, that no one ever was.

A family of seven, these hardworking folks strategically relocated to the Great Country of Texas about 3 years ago. Keeping trust in their faith, the family is learning the importance of living a simple life: raising their own food and becoming more sustainable. The three Texas Boys, who go by the nicknames Goober, Rufus, and Buddy, split the chores between each other to run their homestead while Texas Dad is busy at work.
The oldest, Goober, ensures that animals are being cared for properly, the garden and swales are doing well, and basically supervises and manages the homestead. Now don’t let his youth fool you, second oldest Rufus would put me to shame with his ingenuity, building skills, and work ethic. And let’s not forget Buddy! Buddy cares for the chickens and ducks and is basically the homestead’s right-hand man. This kiddo not only earned his nickname by being kind and tender towards his family, but he is a clown and brings joy to the homestead as well!

Check out our interview with big bro Goober; a fine, hard-working Texas gentlemen that will one day be handing me, a basement dweller, my paycheck:

TX 2

1. Who or what inspired you to start creating your own videos? Any challenges?

Well, there were a few channels that we had been watching for a while. One Youtube
channel is called “Happy Family Homestead”. They are a family that lost everything and had to start with nothing on their little piece of land in Oklahoma. They are very inspirational in that they just make it happen despite any obstacle. Then, of course, there is the “Chicken Ninja Master” aka the “Justin Rhodes” Youtube channel. We started watching his channel in the evenings as a family and we all started to really get inspired about growing more food and of course raising animals. I asked my Mom and Dad if we could buy a cheap little $20 action camera off of Amazon and they agreed. boom 1My brothers and I started making videos of things that we do around here during the course of a day. Well, before long, I asked my Mom and Dad if I could start posting my videos on Youtube.

They agreed!

The challenge was that although Texas Mom and Dad were supportive and willing to supervise our Youtube channel; they had absolutely no clue how to edit videos or upload
videos to Youtube. We are very thankful to our neighbor who helped us to install the Filmora editing program and show us how to access it. Now [we] use Adobe Premier for editing. I have taught myself all of the video and computer skills necessary along the way. Texas Mom and Dad still don’t play a role in the editing process but they are very helpful in supervising our channel and keeping it family friendly.

2. What types of permaculture systems have you integrated into your homestead?

The Garden: Well, we are still learning about permaculture and I think we might be for the rest of our lives. So far, we have dug some swales in the front of our property creating an orchard area.  garden txWe have [also] used sweet potatoes as ground-cover in the front orchard. We have dug some swales dug in the back of the property giving us a second orchard area. We will be adding to both of these orchards significantly this fall. The swales ( basically glorified ditches) have proven to be very successful here with the Texas heat. In the garden, I have implemented a more simplified version of watering which is basically holes that I have strategically dug and fill with water as needed. This simple method has helped to keep our garden thriving through the summer.

The Critters: We have free ranging ducks and chickens, which are the unsung permaculture heroes on our little farm. They are 100% self-sustaining. We have not had to feed them any food at all since March. We may have to supplement them a little in Jan & Feb depending on how cold it gets this winter. The chickens have been providing us with FREE eggs daily, the roosters have done a great job in fertilizing the eggs, and we can hatch out chicks by means of our incubator [AND] broody mama hens! The Muscovy ducks are incredible as a free range creature. tx dogThey will be a great source of sustainable meat as well as eggs starting this fall.

Another critter, or colony of critters we have here, is our “Colony of Meat Rabbits’. They all live happily under a hoop house structure that we built for them. They have tunnels and stay nice and cool all summer living a very natural permaculture lifestyle, haha! Of course in the natural order of things, we have mice on the farm, so in classic permaculture fashion, we brought home two little kittens to help with pest control and just adding to the peacefulness of the homestead. I mean what’s a farm without a couple sleepy cats laying around purring? Last but not at all least, we have our two Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs, Ammo and Remington. They are amazing animals that protect us and all of our critters here on the homestead. We have not lost one animal since adding these two pups to our farm. They have been worth every penny and every moment of puppy training.

3. How do you boys keep yourselves entertained on the homestead?

Well, the possibilities are endless! It seems like we are always coming up with new ways to have fun everyday. Some of these are approved and some vetoed by Texas Mom and Dad!
I'm Tired of Waiting

How to Party with the Texas Boys (a summary):

  • Have a huge water trough. Claim it as the “Hillbilly Swimming Pool”. Source the Texas Boys for giving you the great idea. They have their own hillbilly pool too!
  • Zipline and have several tree forts to muck about in the forest. Go over to the neighbor’s pond, with permission of course, to fish and kayak.
  • Shop in town at your favorite stores. The Texas Boys like to be thrifty during their shopping: Smart!

4. What skills are you hoping to develop on your homestead before each of your 18th birthdays?

Goober: I’m hoping to learn how to operate a tractor, drive a vehicle, grow and sell through market gardening, continue to learn permaculture, develop a full-time income/business and build my own “starter house” which will probably consist of finishing out a shed/house conversion on the homestead. As a long-term goal, I’d like to buy more land and move my shed/house onto a larger homestead for myself someday.

Rufus: I’m hoping to learn more building skills and build my own “starter house/ shed conversion” just like my brother. I would also like to buy a bigger homestead and move my s”starter house” onto it someday.

Buddy: I’m hoping to learn all the same skills as my older brothers and be ready to provide an income to support myself and a family if the Lord provides someday.

lol 1
5. How are you boys making money on your homestead using the products produced by your plants and animals?

We are not making money on our homestead yet. We are in the process of developing several “potential” income streams for our homestead. One of the income streams would be to get the animals sustainable and reproducing, thus being able to sell off any extra animals: goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and cows. We would like to be able to propagate our own trees and berry bushes and, of course, sell excess fruits and veggies in the future.flower 1 We really enjoy building things and baking as well and have thought about maybe taking those products to the market as well.

However, our number one goal here is to fill our own pantry and feed our own family then second would be to give to others in our area. Time will tell, but we are excited about all of the opportunities that we have here on our little homestead! We are very thankful every day that we can wake up and enjoy the freedom and challenges that come with living a simple lifestyle.

Want to keep up with the Texas Boys? Click on the buttons below to see their latest posts and updates! Don’t forget to give us a like and follow as well! Thank you, Texas Boys, for participating in our feature. You’ve taught us city folk some new tricks for our urban garden. As always, be kind and tender to one another.

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Feature image and image credit goes to the Texas Boys



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