Cardboard Boxes –> Nesting Boxes

Okay, so… I don’t want to spend money this month on fancy nesting boxes and covered coops. Right now we gotta focus on getting the bills paid, period. But, the chichans (what we affectionately call the quail) will be laying eggs soon. I suspect they should already be laying but might be too spooked by the dog to lay comfortably. It’s recommended that quail hens have a covered, private area to sit and lay their eggs. This area must be free of any disturbances or else the hens won’t lay. I initially wanted to go to Home Depot and buy lumber to make a covered top tier for the hutch.P6206723 Ardenwood 20130620 However, upon seeing the prices of the wood, I took a step back and decided that this project would have to wait another day.

We went to Costco and decided to take an extra box to help load the groceries. However, Alex suddenly realized that the cardboard would be a great nesting box for both the quail and rabbits. Untreated cardboard, if you look hard enough in these piles, are okay for animals like rabbits to chew on and nest in. One of the cardboard boxes has super high walls that could easily conceal the quail and provide them that safe, private spot to lay their eggs. I already put a smaller box in with the rabbits and the bottom is lined with straw. The quail will get the bigger box. And once they fall apart, I can easily add the ruined cardboard to the compost pile! Talk about being earth friendly too! Worms love munching on cardboard so don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Another issue I’m running into is the quail rooster. There’s only one, which is pretty funny unless the others aren’t mature enough to crow yet, but this little guy sure is loud at 5am. I feel awful for my landlord since the coop is located a bit close to his house. I’m going to have to move the coop this weekend to another part of the yard. Best to be a good neighbor. Will let you know how all these new things work out in our backyard garden.

As always, be kind and tender to one another.

Image credit: caligula1995


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