Buying Local Has its Drawbacks

When you buy local, you can sometimes miss out on a variety of pasture-raised meat and raw animal products. For sure living in the city allows me access to a plethora of different dairy, meat, and veggie products. However, not all these products are safe for me to eat these days. My physical issues are forcing me to change my diet again, one that is low in sugar, fats, and carbs. Further, I can no longer consume excess red meat and have to stick to white meats for my protein sources.

collage 3
I initially tried to turn to local farms for my food, especially those that practiced permaculture, organic methods, and proper animal husbandry. However, to my disappointment, there aren’t a lot of local farmers selling raw milk or pasture-raised meat. Many sell the livestock that you can raise for meat and dairy but I won’t have the land to raise larger livestock anytime soon. Paying a visit to the farmer’s market, I was pleased to see duck and venison on the meat menu but then I realized I could not purchase the self-sustaining price of the animal per pound. Supporting your local farmer would be great if it didn’t eat away at your pocket. I find it very frustrating that I can spend $40 at Aldi and get a weeks worth of food but that same amount gets me 4 bags of naan bread, 2 thick slices of naan per bag. I understand that time, effort, and money went into making these products, but my despicable side wonders how inflated the prices are in order to sell them as “handmade” and “all-natural.”

5According to Al Lumnah of Lumnah Acres, it’s okay to be suspicious. Many organic foods we eat are mislabeled and in some cases, are not organic at all. Some non-organic produce has been known to have a different label purchased and slapped on, only to then be sold under the guise as organic. I might as well shop at a grocery store, I tell myself. At H-E-B, I can get duck meat much cheaper but have no clue what the animal ate or what injected with before reaching my table. Furter, the meat is frozen, so who knows how long it’s been sitting in a deep freezer before reaching me. Lamb and buffalo are sold at Sprouts as well, including ultra-pasteurized goat’s milk if I really wanted dairy. While it’s great to turn to the grocery store for these foods, I really wanted to help local farmers. Then again, I realized that there isn’t a big market for pasture raised or raw animal products near Austin. Maybe I should try and get something like that going?

As always, continue to be kind and tender to one another.



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