Poems for Hero — A Future Video Series

So, I’ve been sitting on my butt wondering how I’m going to keep this blog going. Browsing through Instagram, I came upon a post depicting a selected poem from a book of poetry. I can’t recall exactly what I read, but I do remember reeling at the thought of poetry acting as a post on Instagram. I always thought the poetry was very unpopular compared to fiction. Also, I totally understand the pain of having to read Shakespear 7 plus years in school. Poetry can be frustrating to understand and in some cases, don’t make a lick of sense. However, as much as I can understand why poetry is unappealing, my entire writing career surrounds it.

I am a published poet of Austin, Texas and have been published in two university literary journals and one state journal. My entire college career focused on the study and creation of poetry. Not the best writer, it has been about an entire year since I wrote some poetry and I figured, with my desire to grow my blog, that this may be the best time to start writing again. Since I’m still learning, the best I could do for now is create a poetry reading series. I will be selecting a theme, two poems from outside poets, and then reading a piece of my own to end the reading. I have already selected two themes and six poems. Filming will start tomorrow and I hope to have the video out by next Sunday.

A cute story for you before we sign off: While discussing the title of this series, my husband shot down a lot of my nature-themed titles including:

  • Quail Quibbles
  • Rabbit Rantings
  • Silkie Songs
  • Sunday Poetry Series (booooriiing lol)

I then wondered if maybe it would be best to dedicate the series to something important to us. I suggested “Poems for Hero” so that the video series also acts as a list of poems I would like to read to my future kids. Don’t worry, Hero won’t be the in-the-far-far-future kiddo’s first name. Anyway, Alex liked it, I think it’s kinda cute. Stay tuned for our first video!

As always, be kind and tender to one another.


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