Incubating Quail Eggs — Day Zero

Black Friday surprised me with another early Christmas gift. After much budgeting and saving, I was able to afford to purchase my first incubator. I had attempted to build an incubator in the past out of a styrofoam cooler but… It’s an ongoing project, okay, guys?!

incubatorAnyway… The incubator is a Farm Innovators Model 4250 Digital Circulated Air Incubator with Automatic Egg Turner. I purchased this model from Tractor Supply during their Black Friday sale. When I was initially wanting to purchase the incubator, I calculated that, with shipping included, purchasing the incubator without the egg turner and the egg turner separately would cost me over $115. When researching the bundled package, the price was well over $120. I had to fight myself in buying a used incubator that was damaged and needed repair. In the end, I waited until Black Friday to see what the farm stores or eBay were going to offer. To my initial disappointment, the prices hadn’t changed. But glancing at the Tractor Supply website, their pro series had dropped to $100. I had saved up the amount a few weeks ago and, after talking circles with Alex on whether we should invest, rushed to the nearest store to pick up the unit.

quail eggs 3It’s huge but I managed to squeeze it onto my shelf. It took me two days to calibrate the thermometer using the analog thermometer included in the box. After setting the incubator, I grabbed a trio of freshly laid eggs from the quail coop, as well as a few day old eggs I had been storing and turning in the fridge, and added the eggs into the incubator. Today marks Day 0 of this new project and I’m super anxious. I really hope they hatch! I’ll keep the blog updated as the days pass. These eggs should be hatching in 18 days.

Continue to be kind and tender to one another.


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