We Got MORE Rabbits

Craigslist rocks. I was browsing through the free section, like I do every day, and stumbled upon a “Free rabbits” post. Thinking it was too good to be true, I immediately reached out to the posters, asking if they had an intact buck and doe. Sure enough, he had a few and wanted me to come by and pick up that day.

rabbitSo I went to South Austin, picked up my rabbits, and rushed home to build a temporary hutch. However, since my skills are still very poor, my hutch isn’t that great. So I’ll be asking my dad to help me rebuild it this weekend. Anyway, I now have two Standard Rex rabbits, one Black New Zeland buck, and one Californian White doe. My new doe is super skittish and hates being petted. The buck is a little more tolerant. This morning I rebred the doe to the buck. We may get our first baby bunnies in a month or so! Assuming the doe decides our mild winters are too cold for her… Then we shall wait for spring.

As always, continue to be kind and tender to one another.


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