Day 15/18 Quail Incubation

Oh gosh guys! Its Day 15 of my first ever quail egg incubation. This batch of 6 eggs have been lovingly tended to, almost to the point of madness, by your truly and I strongly suspect I’ll be able to hatch out at least one chick. Then again, the supercritical part of me says that I messed up and will be getting no chicks this winter.

On Day 11 I tried to candle the quail eggs. Candling means taking a flashlight and shining the light through an eggshell. The light illuminates the inside of the egg, allowing you to see the chick growing inside. Chicken eggs are the easiest to candle since the shell is thin. Quail eggs, however, have thicker shells and the speckling can cause confusion when candling. I managed to spot some veins spidering in the shell of one egg and in another; the darker mass of the chick pressed against the side of an egg was also a hopeful sign.

On day 14, I went ahead and increased the incubators humidity to 60-70%. I spent all day trying to raise and keep the humidity up. However, increasing humidity in the incubator decreases the temperature. While my incubator has a temperature reader that shuts on or off if it gets too cold or hot, a 3 day cold front forced me to stay at the machine’s side trying to keep the temperature out of the danger zone. Today I shut off the egg turner to allow the chicks to get into position for their impending hatch. I keep circling the incubator, wondering if I did a good job or if I have to try all over again. It’s a good thing I saved so many eggs this winter!

As always, continue to be kind and tender to one another.


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