Real Talk: We’re Too Lazy to Force Our Quail to Lay During the Winter

Hey guys, it’s been a while. I’ve been working hard trying to get out of debt and start looking for property to build my hacienda. Since it’s going to take years, my husband and I have decided to focus on raising our own meat and growing our own veggies. It’s been a year since I’ve moved back from Denver, Colorado to Austin, Texas and began learning the basics of animal husbandry. My husband and I started raising meat rabbits and quail as the first step towards self-sustainability.

quail eggWhen we started raising quail, we had to decide whether we were going to force our flock lay eggs all year. To accomplish this, we would have had to invest in a lamp to provide artificial light to the quail during the fall and winter season. Due to reduced sunlight during these seasons, poultry like chickens and quail start laying fewer eggs. Quail need about 12 hours of sunlight in order to produce an egg a day. So, during the Spring and Summer when the days are longer, the quail lay about 1 egg on average daily. In Fall and Winter, the amount drops to about 1 egg every other day or so.

Forcing Them to Lay Ain’t Us

We decided that egg production was not as important as our meat production this year. One thing I didn’t consider but a fellow homesteader, Rose of Wholesome Roots, pointed out is how unnatural artificial light is. The seasons change on their own and animals have cycles that sync with these seasons. It seems kind of out-of-the-way to alter this cycle. Another reason we don’t add light is because it would be super difficult to wire a lamp out there without issues arising. I could say it’s also because Alex and I are very uncomfortable with electrical stuff in the animal cages. Anything could go wrong and I do not want my animals perishing in an electrical fire due to poor wiring… But, honestly… We’re lazy and don’t want to go through all the trouble for eggs I would just be giving away anyway.

ijhaXN2At this time, my quail are laying about an egg or two a day. I actually have one quail hen who lays two eggs every now and then which is nuts! Is artificial light for you? Make sure to do additional research before deciding to wire your coop! Check out the Chicken Mania series on Youtube for more information. Thanks to Wholesome Roots for opening up this collaboration to any vlogging or blogging-steaders.

Hey! Did you know we gave Wholesome Roots some of our quail eggs? What?! Check out her unboxing video!

As always, continue to be kind and tender to one another.


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