We Sold the Quail Chicks

quail eggs 2A year ago I would have never though I would sell quail. I initially bought the tiny poultry for meat and eggs, not to sell. I bought my first twenty quail from a man in Dripping Springs, Texas. He sold me a whole mix of Coturnix quail variants: Tuxedo, Brown Jumbo, A&M White, Pharaoh, Japanese, etc. I raised them all up to juvenile size and then…

They started dying.

A few killed each other in what Alex and I dub “The Quail Wars”. A few more were taken out by predators.

ijhaXN2The dogs managed to get a couple.

By the end of my first year of raising quail, I ended up with 3 out of 20 quail.


After a lot of cursing and stomping my feet, my husband calmly convinced me to try and hatch out my own quail. Maybe I could recover my numbers, he suggested. So, I saved up my money and bought my first incubator. After a few failed hatched, I managed to finally hatch 7 quail chicks from my trio of quail. I also managed to raise these up to juvenile size. Deciding I wanted to keep trying to hatch quail, I went ahead and posted the juvenile quail on Craigslist. I got a few responses and ended up selling the quail to a fella in the area.

But hey, life sucks sometimes. The night before this guy way going to buy my birds, two of them died to a possum attach. Ugh, I was so upset when I discovered them that morning. I let the guy know and he seemed cool with it and bought the remaining birds anyway.

Cool, cool!

SolarGauntletOvercoatOn pick up day, the remaining 5 quail got loaded up in their little cardboard box and off they went to a new life in a fancier coop. So I did it you guys! I sold my first batch of quail ever! I guess you can say I’ve improved since last time, haha! As always, continue to be kind and tender to one another!

Want some IRL action of our backyardstead? Check out our latest Youtube videos!


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