Looking for Farm Work

Not many millennials browse Craigslist for farm work. I know a few years ago I would have snorted at the idea of getting paid $12/hr to feed horses. I really wish that I hadn’t laughed now. ‘Cause this millennial is looking for farm work in the big city.

Silly, I know.

There are farms in Austin but you’ll have to brave the some awful traffic in downtown just to make it to the highway that takes you to the farm. And even then, the farm is 30 minutes from that highway. I don’t live in a rural area, I live in the suburbs and my commute would be over an hour to get to the farm. Now, some folks are hurting hard for money and I 100% understand why they would totally suffer through this grueling commute on the daily to earn money.

IMG_0734Been there, done that.

I’ll do it again. I’ll get through that commute anyway. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’ve found another goal to focus on: building my hacienda. I don’t want to sacrifice regular hours, however, for my dream. Instead, I figured I should try to find work that is in line with my future hacienda goals. For example, I want to raise dairy sheep in order to make sheep milk products. Working for a sheep farm, milking sheep, or even making milk products like cheese or soap could help me develop the skillset I need and earn me money at the same time. Will it be a cushy as a remote job? No. Will it pay as much? Enh, it’s the same. Will I work harder?

Oh yes.

Sometimes I pray to God that the next Craigslist post I see will say, “Farmer in need of Rabbitry Caretaker”. And then I could tell that farmer I’ve been raising, breeding, and butchering rabbits. I would love to clean out their cages, refill their food and water, put bucks with does, and wean kits. So far I see a lot of Uber and Lyft ads. Guess I’m gonna have to be patient then.

As always, continue to be kind and tender to one another.

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