Bye Bye, Bunnies!

bunnies 3Well, we sold a majority of our rabbits.

On New Year’s Day, my gray doe gave birth to 5 bunnies. I raised them with their mom until they were 2 months of age and, the week before Easter, sold all 5 rabbits via Craigslist. I picked up a free doe, bred her and the grey doe again, and ended up with two more litters. The grey doe has 8 bunnies, the white doe has 3.

And then my operation began to fall apart. I couldn’t sell the animal manure fast enough and it started to stink in the backyard. My landlord poked his head out and asked, “Can you get rid of the rabbits, please?” Afraid of losing my sweet rental deal, I didn’t hesitate. I sold my bucks off first. The black buck went to local friend. The red buck I traded for 18 chicks of all different types of breeds.

The landlord reassured me I could keep chickens and quail.

The does and their babies won’t be sold until after the kits are 2 months old. I won’t be keeping a single rabbit, even if my husband has become attached to a few of the bunnies. I’m really butt-hurt about this but at the same time, I know I made a huge mistake in not maintaining my operation clean and stank free. Making mistakes and learning here, folks. We’re not experts. Never will we say we’re experts either.

bunnies 2I’m very glad to sell my rabbits to people in Austin who I have met. I’ve gotten to chat with kiddos preparing for 4H, kiddos excited to have pet rabbits, and some very excited beagles going off to hunting school. Maybe one day when I have my own property, I’ll raise rabbits again. Oddly enough, by the time I sell off the last of the rabbits, I will have completed my first year raising backyard livestock.

That’s something, right?!

As always, continue to be kind and tender to one another.


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